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Cervi Crown C 14" Chocolate 7G 463500

$3,395.00 Reg. Price $3,770.00   You Save $375.00
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This Saddle Features:

14" Seat, 7" Gullet, Chocolate Leather, Roughout Leather Texture, Adjustable Rigging, Chocolate/Turquoise Inlaid Seat, Machine Sewn, Chocolate Leather 1 1/4" Cantle, Back Billet Flank, Snake Single Border, 2" Nettle Dark Oak Stirrups with Rubber Tread, Arizona Concho Set, Painted Feathers, Silver Dots on Saddle, Hamley Twist, and Stirrup Leather Half Holes

Cervi Crown C:
• Shortened seat jockey (distance between the swell and cantle) gives the rider increased stability without hindering her freedom to stand up and sit down when necessary
• Forward angled stirrups help keep the rider’s feet in front of her center of balance for better body position in the turns
• Though the stirrups are angled forward, they are designed to give the rider a full range of motion to cue the horse as needed
• Straight up and down saddle horn allows the rider to brace and support her body without losing balance
• Horn cap is shaped to fit perfectly in the rider’s palm, accommodating added support and comfort for those who prefer to grab the top of the horn
• Available with Adjustable Rig only

Saddle Specs:

Gullett Width: 7" Standard, 6.5", 6.75", 7", 7.5"
Gullett Height: 8.25"
Cantle Height: 4"
Horn Height: 3"
Horn Cap: 2"
Tree Sizes: 12.5", 13", 13.5", 14", 14.5", 15"

One Only

https://youtu.be/gMZgTtMhko8?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3 https://youtu.be/6LKPEDU56-c?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3 https://youtu.be/Ub8hM9KSb2k?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3