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Reiner 16.5" Chocolate 7G 463511

$3,995.00 Reg. Price $4,295.00   You Save $300.00
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This Saddle Features:

16.5" Seat, 7" Gullet, Chocolate Leather, Smooth Leather Texture, Dee Ring Rigging, Smooth Chocolate Full Seat, Pop Stitched Sewn, Back Billet Flank, 3/4 Tooling Oak and Wyoming, Camoflage Single Border, 2" Nettles Dark Oak Flat Buttom Stirrups, Nickle Wyoming Flower Concho Set, Stirrup Leather Half Hole, and Hamley Twist.

• Comfortable ground seat with a close contact, narrow feel
• Refined seat helps the rider to maintain control, balance, and stability throughout the run
• Full range of motion in the fenders allows the rider to place their feet exactly where they need, at any given moment
• Because it is a Martin, it can be ordered with a number of options for any level of showmanship
• Standard with a butterfly skirt and D rig
• Standard with 2” Nettles™ Stirrups

Saddle Specs:

Gullett Width: 7” Standard, 6.5”, 6.75” 7.5”, 8”
Gullett Height: 8.5"
Cantle Height: 3"
Horn Height: 3"
Horn Cap: 2.25"
Tree Sizes: 15.5", 16", 16.5", 17"

One Only

https://youtu.be/gMZgTtMhko8?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3 https://youtu.be/6LKPEDU56-c?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3 https://youtu.be/Ub8hM9KSb2k?list=PLEplkhzeCpfWsmKeNLKZb7xQei3GNCSR3