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Shock-N-Awe 31' Head Rope

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We designed the Shock-N-Awe for ropers who like to reach. This is the smallest diameter rope we make, so your loops stay open and then snap shut. It’s a great choice for all weather conditions and gives you an edge when roping little horns. The Shock-N-Awe’s light weight makes it an excellent choice for younger or smaller ropers.

“I love the Shock-N-Awe. It’s a very forgiving rope. It has a lot of body and I can really feel the tip. It snaps on the horns tight, closes fast and doesn’t slip or slide on my saddle horn. This rope performs from January 1 through December 31. It doesn’t matter if it’s really hot or freezing cold; Shock-N-Awe always stays true.” – Ty Blasingame, WNFR Qualifier