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Long Ear A-Fork Saddle 1158

Long Ear A-Fork Saddle 1158

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The Long Ear Flex2® trail saddle has an A-fork tree available in a regular or wide tree fit for your mule. The engraved stainless conchos resist rust and corrosion with additional dees to tie all your gear; Apache seat leather with Impact Foam™ is comfortable on long rides with 5″ cantle for security in the saddle. The adjustable position in-skirt rigging lets you choose which rigging position best suits your mule. ErgoBalance™ stirrups decrease knee and ankle fatigue and promote balanced riding.

Flex2® saddles are designed to include comfort features for both the horse and rider that work in synergy with the Flex2® tree. Only Circle Y has the exclusive Flex2® tree design which uses a rigid ground seat for rider support, a high density bar which disperses rider weight, and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement. This results in a lightweight saddle that will never get wider over time, flex in half, or overflex to create pressure points if properly fitted. Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving!

Proper saddle fit is first priority. Use these general guidelines to help you decide which tree fit your mule needs. For more detailed information, please view our SaddleFittingGuide-CircleY2016.pdf (1 download) .
Medium: recommended for a mule with a defined wither
Wide: recommended for a mule with a round, or mutton, wither


  • Flexible tree design conforms to a mule’s back
  • Flex2® skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider’s comfort
  • The original Circle Y Flex2® saddles are built for fit, weight, and comfort
  • Tunnel Skirt™ design eliminates pressure on horse’s spine
  • Softee® seat jockeys and fenders feel broke in right from the start