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Breyer National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary Special - Traditional

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Breyer National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary Special - Traditional

Style #1766

In 2016, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) celebrates their 50th anniversary! Formed in 1966 to promote the reining horse, the NRHA has become a dynamic organization that has set the standard for the sport of reining worldwide! Reining is an exciting sport with roots on the ranch. Horse and rider pairs that compete in NRHA reining events run a pattern that is designed to show off the athletic ability of a ranch-type horse within a show arena. These patterns include both slow and fast circles, roll backs, spins, flying lead changes, and the crowd-favorite: sliding stops!

Breyer's NRHA 50th Anniversary model is appropriately shown executing this hallmark maneuver. From humble beginnings of preserving and promoting a sport and a lifestyle, to becoming an organization with many riders and horses reaching the million-dollar (and higher!) milestone, and hosting approved shows around the world - it's clear that the world loves a good reining horse, and the NRHA and the exhilarating sport of reining are here to stay!