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BioFit Correction Pad

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BioFit Correction Pad

Product NO: WFP

  • Specifically designed to support horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blade.
  • Supports the front of the saddle from collapsing in the area behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, ill saddle fit or conformation.
  • Strategic wedge placement fills in the void area, offering extra support.
  • Works well for older horses with a diminishing topline or horses with very high withers.
  • 7/8 top quality wool blend offers superior shock absorption and protection.
  • Contoured design molds to conform to your horses back for added comfort and improved saddle fit.
  • Cut over withers for greater gullet clearance and spine relief.

Available Sizes:  31"x32", 30"x30"

Available Color: Black

Biofit Corrrection Pad